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B&N Group - Always Moving Forward...

B&N Group

B&N Group - Always Moving Forward

Welcome to the website of the B&N Group, you will find in short what the activities from the B&N Group are. 

The activities focus around delivering diesel driven generator sets and diesel engines for various applications. In the future there will be other fuels and new techniques, such as hybrid technique. The activities are concentrated on a numers of market segments, for instance utility, OEM, Ground-, Road-  & Water construction and hydraulic engineering. Depending on the segement there can be offered complete or partial solutions . Within the group B&N and Sound Proof Systems are working intensively together to use every speciality as good as possible.When you talk about diesel engines, generators, power packs or soundproof canopies you are with the B&N group at (more than) a good place! 

Look below to our companies and surf directly to the website for many more information. 

Brinkmann & Niemeijer

Brinkmann & Niemeijer Motoren B.V. is a leading manufacturer of generating sets for many decades, with aan excellent reputation in the Dutch market. By drawaing up the specifications, through the deveolopment and production to installation: everything is fully completed and performed by Brinkmann & Niemeijer. Brinkmann & niemeijer has a solution for every application. Thus, Brinkmann & Niemeijer had (complex) emergency power solutions, robust equipment for various applications and much more! In short: Brinkmann & Neimeijer provides you with a very wide range of products; of individuel component such as engines and generators to complete electical equipment and power packs. 

In short, Brinkmann & Niemeijer offers you the complete solution for each specific application. See below the website of Brinkmann & Niemeijer and learn about the solutions! 

Go to the website from Brinkmann & Niemeijer


Sound Proof Systems

Sound Proof Systems B.V. is specialized in frames and canopies for generating sets, pump sets and power packs.

To provide our global customer base with a compact, easy to transport product, has Sound Proof Systems a series of self-Assembly "FLAT PACK" canopies developed. This unique concept has huge benefits for transporting a full canopy to OEM customers. A Flat-Pack Kit includes a base frame, fuel tank, fuel gauge, motor/generator connectors, silencers, battery holder and a canopy. All Sound Proof Systems canopies are powder coated and are therefore resistant to heavy weather conditions. In addition to the standard products develops and produces Sound Proof Systems for example, also customized products with a very low noise. Curious about the possibilities? Check below to see on the site.

To the website of Sound Proof Systems


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